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Frame / Back Glass Repair


Glass backs are the new thing. They lend gravitas to your iPhone, but also make it extremely delicate. Very easy to break, but very hard to fix! Back glass panel replacement requires a LOT of skill and workmanship for a neat finish. This is where TelaFriend steps in!

Fastest turnaround time

Time is money. TelaFriend repairs fast, ergo it saves you money only, no? Ok. We are an exclusive Apple service center; MOST parts are usually in ready stock.

Skilled, Certified technicians

All things considered, the quality of service is only as good as the expertise of the repairman. Workmanship matters!

Quality parts, Warranty

At TelaFriend, we use only the highest quality spare parts. All repairs carry a min. 90 days warranty. Not just a working device, peace of mind is paramount too!