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Clean Your PC Reminder Day

What’s up everybody!? So most of us have people in our lives that will stop us from being too messy. Could be your mom yelling at you to clean your room or your coworker suggesting that you should probably get rid of that old sandwich at your desk.
But for most of us, We don’t have anyone reminding us to clean our devices. Until today, Hey everyone Im your Tech-bestie Jutastic CoFounder Of Telafriend and In Honor of Clear Your PC Day, #CYPC (sips). I’m joining our girl Siria to bring you the tea & tips to Refresh and keep you computers fast and functional!
Ok so For starters full disclosure I’m a hoarder! A digital one at least for sure. And It SHOWS! So here are some of the things I do on the regular that keep me sane.
So Right now my desktop looks about moderately crazy, because if ur like me the desktop is you favorite place to save things which makes it the messiest. The first thing I suggest to do is take a look at the current state of your PC to identify what is taking up the most space.
It’s usually photos, music, Videos, books etc. This tells me what to clean up first…

This is how you pull it up;

Mac: Apple logo > About this Mac > Click Storage tab on top.
– From here you can see exactly what needs the most cleaning.

Windows: Start (Windows Logo) > Settings > System > Storage
– Clicking on that reveals a detailed breakdown of your storage usage.

Next to clear things up I’ll make a few general folders to further organize later. Something like Work, School, Home, Blog, Screenshots, Whatever you can name them according to your life.

The point is, make these to folders give you a place to dump groups of docs and downloads you find all over your computer & sort them further.

Desktop sorting 

So the next thing I do is Open up a doc finder window When it opens up click on>  desktop and in the top of the window you’re going to switch the view to the ‘list view’ (usually looks like 4 lines stacked on top of each other)
This is my favorite view for cleaning up space because, if ur like me the desktop is your favorite place to save things which makes it the messiest. Once im in list view I organize my desktop items by ‘Kind’ or ‘file type’
This will group similar type files which oftentimes belong together anyway, making it easy for you to select and drag them to the Big umbrella folders we made earlier.
By the time I make the folders, sort my desktop files into those folders, I can usually see my wallpaper again. Which is a big relief . I feel like a clutter free desktop = a clutter free mind.

If you’re looking for a more hands off solution. Check out these push button options;

My favorite go to app is CleanMyMac3. Now this is a paid app, for the full version but it does everything you need it to in just a few clicks this is not a sponsored post so you’ll have to look into it yourself and tell me what you thing

As for Windows
You get a bit of a break. To really get into the nitty-gritty of every folder and file on your PC, nothing beats a good ol’ utility. WinDirStat is the best free tool to use.

This Utility will drill down even deeper into the files taking up space on your PC. Giving you a really detailed visual of your storage.

Take Away 
CLEAN OFTEN, because it’s so much easier to sort through 10 items than 155 of them & if you need a reminder make sure to follow me on IG, FB,& Tw @Telafriend.NYC where I’ll remind you to do it and give you even more tips and tricks to make your current tech the best for you.

We often think its an unavoidable side effect of age and it’s true all electrical components have a shelf life.
But the team at Telafriend loves helping people across all industries just like your’s find ways to clean up, update and Re-New any device you already have and are used to.